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Dress Code Policy

Students who do not follow the dress code will receive disciplinary action, which includes but is not limited to: confiscation of inappropriate clothing, requiring the student to change into PE clothes for remainder of day, revocation of dress code waiver, or the student will be sent home.  For additional information see HLPUSD district board policy.

  • No sports jerseys or jersey look-a-likes, hats or professional team attire
  • No band/concert shirts
  • No white t-shirts
  • No excessive jewelry (one ring allowed, one necklace worn inside shirt, no dog tags, no large hoop earrings ("quarter" size), no bracelets, no spiked wrist bands or belts, no piercings of the eyebrow, lips, belly, nose, etc. or excessive piercings of the ear(s)
  • No graffiti writing or graphics on t-shirts
  • No "sagging" pants (pants or shorts must be worn waist high and remain waist high without the assistance of a belt)
  • No midriff shirts (girls shirts must be long enough so the shirt stays "tucked in" if hands are lifted above the shoulders)
  • No excessively short/long shorts or skirts (boys shorts cannot extend past the middle of the knee.  Girls shorts/skirts must extend past the index finger when arms are placed at their sides; no clothing with holes or tears)
  • No excessively long shirts (shirts must be appropriately sized for students and cannot cover the zipper if "un-tucked")
  • No sandals, slippers, ear spikes/plugs, pajama bottoms, letters on belt buckle, torn/ripped clothing, or hooded sweatshirts covering head.