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Our District has transitioned to a new Student Information System called Aeries. Included with Aeries is an easy to use online grading portal program used by our ...more


Progress reports are issued every six weeks with a fall (December) and spring (May) semester report card issued at the end of each semester.  Parents should make appointments to speak with teachers upon receipt of a failing grade on any progress report(s) to avoid a failing semester grade.


The school provides bicycle racks on the grounds so that pupils may have a place to put them while they are in class. Bikes are to be parked with either the front or rear wheel in the rack ...more


Students who are interested in riding a skateboard, rollerblades/roller skates or scooters to school must wear a helmet and are to store these items in the ...more


The schools within the Hacienda La Puente Unified School District have a CLOSED CAMPUS POLICY. This means that students are to remain on campus once they have entered the school ...more


Should a parent/guardian be interested in volunteering on campus a volunteer application must be filled out and approved by the HLPUSD Department of Police and Safety.  Please pick up a Volunteer Packet in the front office.


In an effort to support the district’s Wellness Policy, the delivery of fast food is not allowed on our campus. The district’s “Wellness Policy and Health & Safety Code” states ...more


The nurse is here once a week.  If students are ill during class, or between classes, s/he may get a pass to the office from the teacher.  By law the nurse is not permitted to provide, or administer, medicine.  Medicine prescribed by a doctor to be taken during the day will be kept in the office.  A medication form needs to be signed by the doctor and parents and filed in the nurse’s office.


Students are to leave medication in the office.  Students are not to carry medication, including cough drops.




Attendance Policy


  • Every person between the ages of six (6) years and eighteen (18) years of age is required to attend school. (Education code sec. 48200.)
  • Students are expected to attend school regularly and on time.
  • Parents and guardians are required to send their children to school.


  • Excused absence:
  1. A student’s illness (not parent’s or other family member’s);
  2. Quarantine by a county or city health officer;
  3. Medical, dental or eye appointments;
  4. Attending the funeral of an immediate family member: One day in California; three (3) days out of California.  Immediate family member means student’s mother/father, brother/sister, child, grandmother/grandfather, or spouse, spouse’s mother/father, spouse’s child, spouse’s brother/sister, or any relative living in the immediate household of the student (Education Code 48205);
  5. Court appearance when the student has a subpoena with his/her name on it;
  6. Religious holiday/retreat/ceremony (MAX of four (4) hours per semester) with prior, written request from parent/guardian with school administration. 
  • Unexcused absence: absence which occurs with the knowledge and approval of parents, or guardian, but for reasons which, though not acceptable under state law, are not classed as truancy.


  • Absences need to be cleared within 3 days of the absence.
  • To excuse your child from an absence, please fax (626-855-3837), e-mail, bring in to the front office a written note or doctor’s note.  Please e-mail absence notes to Office Assistant Ms. Norma Zepeda ( or Office Manager Mrs. Laurie King (  You may also call our Front Office to excuse your child from an absence     (626-933-7005).
  • As a courtesy to the parent a school may accept notes from parents for absences or tardies.  If absences or tardies become excessive, parent notes will no longer be accepted.  Parent notes will not be accepted for illness under SART and SARB Contract.
  • Excused absences will have to be verified according to Education Code 46011.
  • Verified absence due to illness or quarantine is allowed.  Verification may be by one of the following: school/public health nurse, attendance supervisor, physician, principal, teacher, or any other qualified employee of the school district.



  • When your child is ill, either bring the child to school to have the illness verified by school personnel, or take the child to a doctor or medical facility to have the illness verified.  Get a note from the doctor and give it to the school attendance office.  Keep a copy for yourself.
  • If your child has a serious, ongoing medical condition be sure to discuss it with the school nurse.  If necessary, sign a release form so that the nurse can speak directly with the treating physician.
  • Always be on time to school.  Remember, tardies are just as serious as absences because they interfere with learning.
  • Try to make doctor and dental appointments after school or on school holidays.


Promotion Criteria


Students must meet ONE of TWO promotion Criteria in #1 AND #2 below and fulfill #3 and #4:


a) “D” grade or better in Language Arts on the 2nd Semester Final Grades/Report Card    OR

b) Grade 8 ELA End of Year Assessment (60% or above)


a) “D” grade or better in Math on the 2nd Semester Final Grades/Report Card OR

b) Grade 8 Math End of Year Assessment (60% or above)

3. Passing Citizenship of 70% or higher on the 2nd Semester Final Grades/Report Card.

4. No more than 1 F Grade on the 2nd semester Final Grades/Report Card, inclusive of all subject areas.


End of the Year activities include 8th Grade Knott’s Berry Farm trip, 8th Grade Party/Social, Yearbook Signing Party, Student vs Staff Melonball Game, 8th Grade Promotion practices, and Field Day.


The Dress Code for the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony are the following:

LADIES- Semi-formal dress or pants outfit.  Back, shoulders, and midriff must be covered.  If students choose to wear a spaghetti strapped dress, they will be required to wear a cardigan with sleeves or a shrug, NOT a shawl that will slip off the shoulders.  A sleeveless dress is allowed, however, straps have to be at least three fingers wide (or 2 inches); otherwise, wear a cardigan with sleeves or a shrug.  No hats are allowed.  Dressy sandals, heels, and wedges are permitted.


GENTLEMEN- Wear a nice pair of dress pants (slacks are to be worn at the waist, not sagging), a nice dress shirt (all shirts should be tucked into slacks).  A tie is optional.  No hats or jeans may be worn.


Non-participating students will be staying in the classroom.

Electronic Devices

Mobile (cell) phones, iPods, mP3 players, radios, CD players or other electronic devices must be completely turned off and put away during school hours. These items may be confiscated if seen, heard or for being used during the school day. All confiscated electronic devices will only be returned to a parent or legal guardian. OGMS, in every way possible, endeavors to protect all such properties, but is not responsible for them and will not investigate missing mobile phones/electronic devices, nor will the school be liable for missing devices. However, reports can be filed with Hacienda La Puente Department of Police and Safety or local police agencies. Please review the following policy regarding the return of confiscated electronic devices:

1st offense - electronic device will be returned to parent the same day

2nd offense - electronic device will be returned to parent after 1 week

3rd offense - electronic device will be returned to parent after 1 month

4th offense - electronic device will be returned to parent at the end of the school year