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Students are to following the following expectations at Orange Grove Middle School in order to be safe, respectful and responsible:

Using appropriate language, keeping hands and feet to self, keeping comments positive and picking up trash are expected in all areas.

While in the classroom:

  • Walk
  • Keep aisles clear
  • Ask permission before leaving seat
  • Use appropriate language, tone and volume
  • Raise your hand to speak
  • Follow rules and procedures
  • Listen to all announcements
  • Have required materials
  • Follow directions in a timely manner
  • Complete assignments and tasks

While in transitions and walkways:

  • Walk
  • Use ramps properly
  • Keep walkways clear
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Stay in designated areas

While in the restroom:

  • Walk
  • Wash hands with soap
  • Maintain privacy
  • Use facilities appropriately
  • Keep restroom clean
  • Use only when needed

While in the cafeteria:

  • Walk in and out quietly
  • Put backpacks in designated areas
  • Wait your turn
  • Follow staff instructions
  • Speak politely to others
  • Use appropriate language and volume

While in the Office:

  • Enter the office for business purposes only
  • Enter quietly
  • Line up single file
  • Use proper greeting
  • Wait your turn
  • Use inside voice
  • Use manners

While in the Locker room:

  • Walk
  • Keep hands, feet and items to yourself
  • Respect others' belongings
  • Use equipment as instructed
  • Use appropriate volume
  • Lock up all personal belongings
  • Use restroom before leaving locker room
  • Dress quickly
  • Enter only when staff is present

While in the computer lab or Library

  • Walk
  • Line up outside quietly
  • Wait for directions
  • Use appropriate volume
  • Follow procedures
  • Keep materials and equipment in good condition
  • Enter only when staff is present
  • Report any issues to staff

When in the fields:

  • Sportsmanlike conduct
  • Be aware of surroundings
  • Use equipment appropriately
  • Follow directions
  • Be inclusive
  • Take care of neighborhood and school
  • Be helpful
  • Report issues
  • Return equipment
  • Be visible to teachers at all times

When off campus:

  • Stay with group 
  • Stay in designated area
  • Follow public and school rules
  • Be aware of surroundings
  • Use manners and sportmanship
  • Respect others' property
  • Follow instruction of adult supervisors
  • Take care of equipment